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The time of silence in this tomb has not been easy. Struggling periodically with frustration and discouragement, our family has been challenged with the longing to be released; and the stark reality of our existence. It has been very quiet. We have not written a blog for a considerable time. Why? Because we have committed to write only what the Lord gives. However, in the last 3 days, God has given us an understanding of what is to come; and now is the time to write the vision.

Let us preface this blog with the understanding of what it is not. God has not shown us a detailed picture of the future; but rather the strategy of what He is doing. For this reason, only those that have traversed, or are traversing the wilderness season, will come to fully realize the significance of what God is doing; and will be doing. Soon.

Like most Christians in the Body of Christ, we have watched our world with growing consternation. Personally, we can attest to the rise of the leftwing liberal ideology; creeping like an aggressive cancer over the earth. We have seen with our own eyes the sexual deviance of the LGBT agenda; and its’ attempt to be normalized across the globe. We have watched the blight of socialism grow; and bloat like a grotesque balloon in many nations. It’s the mantra of man depending on man. Leaning on man is an abomination before a sovereign God who calls us to trust only in Him. Our hearts have been broken over the scourge of abortion; unchecked illegal immigration; and the absolute and total hatred for law and order. During the reign of Obama, it seemed that light was almost snuffed out as darkness loomed large over the earth. The globalists ruled with condescending arrogance.

Truly the past few years have seen an absolute exponential growth in the darkness that covers the earth. Evil has been unleashed in an unprecedented manner. The prince of darkness and his minions have been given terrific latitude and power. They have used it to spread their filth wherever they go; and whenever they find a human vessel to be their host. The question becomes, how did they get such power? And what can be done about it? Thankfully, God knew these questions and answers all before He ever created the earth.

The first question is linked with our inherently evil ‘self’ nature. Although satan and the demons have great spiritual power, they originally had no dominion on earth. That was given to Adam and all his descendants. The evil one used deception and deceit to trick man into handing over that dominion; thereby usurping mankind’s heritage. As more and more people give in to their base ‘self’ nature, it gives satan and his demons even more dominion, power and control. They then use this power to gain even more control; thus plunging humans into a vicious downward cycle. It has always been this way; but only recently have we seen it in such proportions. Only in the time of Noah was it worse.

If you look, at a very high level, the evil rampant in the world, you can always see ‘self’ at the core. Socialism is all about man putting his trust in other men, and not God; but the people they trust are filled with ‘self’; and are about as stable as shifting sand. Hatred of law and order is embraced, because ‘self’ wants to do what it wants; without consequence; and the law just gets in the way. Illegal immigration is the same way. Racism is yet another extension of ‘self’. It has hatred for those that are different. The LGBT agenda is all about the unchecked sexual deviance of ‘self’. We could continue, but the point is, the unchecked rise of ‘self’ in our generation, is at the root of what we face today.

Like many others, we observed this; and were deeply troubled. We had no idea what could be done. We could only answer for our own choices; and not the choices of billions of others. We wanted to follow God, just as much as others wanted to follow ‘self’; but we did not realize the depth of our own ‘self’ deception. God had to take us through the wilderness; just to show us what we were truly like. Only then could we begin to understand what others are truly like; and what He is now doing about the rampant rise of ‘self’. Our journey of homelessness and wandering was a preparation, and a model, for the life of faith. God is leading His people in this journey of faith all over the world. From this place of owned understanding, we have learned some valuable battle strategies. Strategies that will counter the rising darkness of ‘self’ and satan.

At one point in our journey, God showed me the tip of a sword. It was very, very sharp; and particularly pointy. Over time, we began to understand that we were a sword in the Lord’s hand; and with it He was pricking the ‘self’ nature of those we encountered. It was hard to learn these lessons, but we have been trained well to handle these assignments. Now that we have much experience with this process, we understand that God often sharpens His pioneers to a hard point; because they have to break through very hard ground. Only the sharpest and hardest of instruments will be able to succeed.

As God began winding down our wilderness training, the world experienced the sudden and unexpected rise of Nigel Farage, Jordan Peterson and Donald Trump. These three men had been trained for many years, before their recent exposure; and had also been sharpened into powerful tools fit for the Lord’s purposes. Many do not understand these people; and many still don’t. This is often the case with people who live by faith; and challenge the status quo. But as those who have been through the training of the wilderness, we can testify that these men have been molded specifically for this time. For God’s will to be fulfilled on the earth.

These three are starting to break the hardpan of evil that has covered Earth; in a blanket of black. Their hardened and sharp words of truth and logic, are penetrating the pall of lies satan has tried to seduce and smother people with. Many are waking up to the truth for the first time. Patriots and Christians appreciate this new freedom; but others bitterly oppose it; wanting instead to believe that black is white, and white is black. Donald, Jordan and Nigel face tremendous challenges; and yet thrive therein. Instead of weakening, they are getting stronger; because the Lord is behind this change. Evil cannot win against truth; but even still, these three men cannot break through the darkness alone. For all the good that is coming out, and change that is happening, it is not enough to break the grip of satan over vast swaths of territory, and the entrenched ‘self’ in humanity. There is something more that needs to happen; and that is what is coming.

The other day we received a personal prophetic word from a dear sister and friend. In this word she relayed to us that we are in a very real and present war. Although it seems like nothing happens in this little motel room, we find ourselves in the heart of a fierce spiritual battle; and yet we did not realize it. Early one morning, however, God began speaking to me about what is to come; and how He plans to break the power of evil on this planet. There are three distinct pictures that He gave me for understanding; but I can only share two of them with you in this blog.

What God first showed me, was that when breaking through anything hard, you need something sharp. It can be a plow or a spear; but as long as it is sharp, it can start to penetrate the surface. However, a plow cannot penetrate hardpan just by itself; it needs something more. What that ‘more’ is, is called force. The greater the force behind the plow, the further it can penetrate. Now take a log for instance. A dry log can be hit many times with an axe; and still stay solid. What if there were a way to multiply that force; so the sharp point could penetrate the log and split it apart very easily with just one blow?

Like in this video clip.

On June 6, 1944, the world saw many brave men storm the beaches of Normandy, France; to rescue the world from the entrenched evil that had overrun Europe. Those men at the forefront of Operation Overlord would have been ultimately pushed into the sea, however, had not the allies sent many, many more men, weapons and supplies after them; to counter the German army. Those valiant warriors were the tip of the spear that was necessary to gain a foothold but without the fighting forces that came after, they would have failed. You see the principle is the same, whether it is a plow, a log or a war. If you want to break apart something hard and entrenched, you need two things; a sharp point and a great deal of force behind it.

Now do you see now what God is doing? He has already sent His pioneers to break the hardened ground of the established systems of man. There are many others besides Donald, Jordan and Nigel that are calling out the darkness; and facing it head on. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of pioneers that are walking in faith, as God has led them to confront the rampant abuse of ‘self’. They have been hardened and strengthened to difficulties; and stand in faith against the enemy. These precious ones have established a beachhead; but now God is about to multiply the force behind them. He will bring His power into direct confrontation with the forces of darkness that have covered the earth.

This is your call to arms. This is your time to rise up in faith as He leads. Fear not the enemy, for he has already been defeated. Fear not man, for there is nothing unstable man can do to you to separate you from the Father. You need to stand in this day of evil; and let the force of God move through you, to counter the enemy around you. Let His power flow through, to speak the words and follow as He leads. God has already broken the ground before you; with His pioneers. Follow those footsteps in faith, trusting in Jesus to make the way clear. This is His strategy. This is His design. Know that as you go forth, you go with His mighty force behind you.


Homer and Wanda